Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Getting Ready and First Look

I don't know why I imagined that I would sleep the night before the wedding. 
It was a long, restless night. 
Somewhere around 2 a.m I texted Caleb for a bit and discovered that he wasn't really sleeping either. 

After an excruciatingly long night, it was finely 4:30, and time for me to head to the church. 
I had packed every belonging I have, so I wore my moms pajamas, and the same shoes I had worn the last 4 days. 

Getting Ready

I got to the church around 5 a.m. and unloaded my car. 

My plan was:
Eat some quick food
Put the girls gifts by their mirrors
Have makeup done before hair lady got there

Well, I got the first part done, but I ended up zoning out and spent the rest of my time pushing food around my plate. 
My MOH got there, and I was still standing around in my pajamas, holding food that I wasn't eating.
Then I moved to my table and mirror to stare at myself until my friend showed up to fix my hair. 
Thank goodness the rest of the girls weren't far behind, and one of them brought Redbull. Lol!

After that, things got moving. Caleb texted to say he was there, the photographer showed up, all the girls were there and busy, and I was working ferociously on my make up so Anna could do my hair.

I asked my photographer to take Caleb his wedding present, and to get pictures of it for me. :)
Caleb got ready very quickly, and proceeded to text me impatiently, waiting for me to tell him to head to the park so we could do our first look. 
His impatience made me feel very rushed, but there was nothing I could do to change anything, so he would have to wait. Lol! 

All the while, my photographer was doing detail shots with all my accessories.

I have over 650 pictures, so this will be very hard for me, but I will do my best to limit them.
I wore my great-grandmothers necklace, and my mothers bracelet and earrings.

Anna was nearly done with my hair, so I asked the girls to steam my dress. 
The next 15 minutes were just insane. I stepped into my dress, and things just started happening around me. I stood in the middle of the room while two girls fastened my dress, one was still steaming it, one was putting jewelry all over me, pictures were being taken, shoes ended up on my feet, my hair done, the dress bustled, and a veil in my hair. 

Somewhere in there I texted Caleb to tell him to go ahead, and next thing I knew, I was piled in the back of the photographers car, giving her directions to the park. 

The First Look

 It was a breathtaking morning. We arrived at the park around 7:15 and the air was cool, there was a thick fog over the lake, and the sun was just beginning to peek through the trees. 
From a distance I got a glimpse of my groom as he was walking to the pre-determined spot. Oh my, did my heart flutter. 
The photographer went on ahead to get him in his spot, and I slowly headed that way. 

So, the converse were not part of the plan, but he hated the dress shoes so much that he refused to wear them every chance he got. Lol! 

I remember thinking that it was kind of cold, but mostly just feeling like I was about to burst. 

When he turned around he was in tears, and it was all I could do to not cry. 

We spent a very long time trying to figure out how we wanted to do the first look. We tossed around a lot of different ideas that included different people and/or locations. 
I am sure I probably wouldn't have even know if other people were there, but it was very special to have just the two of us, and the photographer, who was very absent. Once she gave me the go ahead, she left us completely alone for 10ish minutes before we stared pictures. I forgot that she was there as soon as I was with Caleb. 

Shout out to the most amazing photographer ever. She is such a sweet, sincere person, who was fun and easy to work with. She kept poses relaxed and easy, and was also quick to catch the candid moments (almost all of the pictures in this post are candid). 
I would whole-heartedly recommend Ruth Susana Photography to anyone. 
You can see some more of her work on her website.

Up next.... Fun with the wedding party, and pre-ceremony jitters.

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