Friday, July 8, 2016

Almost There

My life was nothing but wedding. Yes, I went to work, and did other things, but every second, every thought was wedding. 

I asked my closest friends to stand with me on my big day. 
My oldest sister read the card I handed her, and with huge eyes said "Really?! .... I am pregnant." 
And that is how I found out before anyone else. Lol! 

I planned a dress shopping day after spending countless hours looking online. I had several stores I wanted to visit, and a very good idea of what I wanted. 

3 days before the planned day with all my girls, my mother and I were in town, and she talked me into stopping by a hole-in-the-wall dress shop "just to look". 

Well, 45 minutes, and 5 dresses later, Mom made a deposit on the second wedding dress I had ever put on. 

Mom cried. 

3 days later, I added a shop to visit to our list, and took all the girls there to show them the dress I had already purchased. Thank goodness none of them hated it. Lol! 

My mind was in a whirl. I have always been a Ballgown kinda girl, but I was trying so hard to be practical and go with a simple wedding. Well, when I picked a dress that was anything other than sheath, all my mental plans had to be changed. Everything got bigger, fancier, and more expensive. 

Most of my wedding would not have been possible without the generosity and helpfulness of my amazing friends and family. 

If I am not busy, I go a little crazy, so having a ton of projects kept me sane for the weeks leading up to the wedding.

One way that I saved loads of money, and stayed busy, was by doing everything I could myself. 
I designed the invitations and programs, and my family helped me build them. 
I ordered silk flowers a bit at a time, and did all the silk arrangements, and boutonnieres myself.
I also build as much of the decor as I could. I was going to use Christmas lights, but I didn't want them to be forest green. I also didn't want to spend $15/100 lights for brown strands, so I spray painted clearance christmas lights. That meant I spent countless hours taping over the individual lights, so that wouldn't get painted, painting the green strands, then spending many more hours un-tapeing the lights. 
I was going to use paper cones for several things, so I spent many hours cutting pages from a book, and rolling and taping cones. 
Those are only a few of the projects I did, but it was totally worth it. Everything looked amazing.

The final invitation. Made by hand.
The last couple weeks leading up to the wedding were very stressful. I felt like I was being pulled on from every direction. My family needed me because they were going to miss me, my fiance needed me, my wedding party needed me, everyone had questions, and opinions. 
I was completely overwhelmed by so many voices that never stopped.

It didn't help that I was as sick as a dog. For 10 days before, and 3 days after the wedding I had a horrible respiratory virus. My lungs were so shot that the action of standing up sent me into coughing fits. I had not gotten real sleep in days. 

Despite all of it, I was so excited! 
When it was *finely* time to decorate the church, I was ecstatic. I wanted to as much as I could, and I ran around like a crazy lady for two days (totally coughing my brains out the entire time). 
My friends and family were so helpful. I was able to say "*insert name*, make this thing pretty." and 30 minutes later it was perfect. 

Rehearsal went smoothly, minus the group wide exhaustion. Lol! 

I didn't have a wedding coordinator, so rehearsal night I did a lot of talking, and a lot of coughing. Everyone was very patient though, and we made it through without any mishaps. 
There was a close call though, when dad first walked me down the aisle he got all teary eyed. <3 

Last minute details taken care of, a final walk through of the church, and then home for a long, sleepless night. 

The next day, I was getting married. 

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