Saturday, February 14, 2015

Story Time.

About 12 years ago two little kids met while playing 4 square at Orchestra. 

Front right. Isn't he too cute?? :D

About 1 year ago the girl got her brothers old phone number, and the boy accidentally texted her trying to get her brother. 

 Then they just kinda kept talking. Just cause they had "known" each other for 11 years, but didn't know anything about each other. 

Then he got a crush on her. He, honestly, was very bad at hiding it, and she caught right on. But instead of cutting off communications, she thought it was kinda cute. 

Then she got a crush on him. She was a little better at hiding it, but not much. 

Then he talked to her dad. 

And on Valentines Day 2015 they went on their first date.


Happy Valentines Day Caleb. <3

 I'm glad you accidentally texted me. :D 

~Jonnah Mishael

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